In memory of grandma

Our story

By Stephane Myre

The story of Reno+Medic began in 2005 when I had to accompany my grandmother, whose health was precarious, to her new home in a CHSDL, a long-term care home. The very welcoming person explained to me that my grandmother would be in good hands with their healthcare team and that the Center was using a so-called "living environment" approach.

In spite of that, I left with the feeling of abandoning my grandmother in an environment that felt inappropriate for her needs with its hospitalized physical environment and uninviting setting. It gave me the impression of leaving her in a place where she would simply be waiting for her death to come. Yes, the staff seemed qualified, empathetic and considerate but it wasn’t enough! Not only was I unhappy, I was shocked.

I spoke to other members of my family and no one wished to spend the end of their life in such an environment. On the contrary, everyone's ideal scenario was to grow old in their own home. From this day on, I decided to become an advocate for home care living to improve the living conditions of the elderly and improve the resources available in long term facilities. I resigned from my position as a manager, bought a few tools, and started installing grab bars for seniors living at home. I was providing a twenty dollar installation to improve fall prevention and ultimately their safety.

I was purchasing my grab bars from Loca+Medic, a company that has been selling and renting home care equipment since 1995. The following year, I decided to acquire Loca+Medic and thus fulfill my dream of playing a decisive role in the lives of seniors who want to stay at home.

Selling and renting equipment often not enough since some equipment requires a particular installation and most importantly a safe installation. We went from grab bars installation, to ceiling lift installation, up to complete bathroom transformation removing the bathtub and installing a threshold less shower. Reno+Medic was created in 2012 with the objective to offer expert services in home adaptation for both indoor and outdoor projects. Reno+Medic offers a wide range of services: renovation, installation of equipment, preventive maintenance as well as repairs.

With more than thirty home adaptation projects done each year by our experienced team, we offer everyone the opportunity to stay at home for as long as possible. In our experience, aging at home allows the elderly to stay in a closer relationship with their family and friends, allowing them to create more meaningful memories.

Even though grandma is no longer with us, I know she would be happy to see how Reno+Medic, Loca+Medic, Econo+Medic and Recyc+Medic combine their services to ensure that our seniors can safely continue to live in their own home. These four business sectors are all an integral part of our large Espace+Medic family.

Stephane Myre
Founding President

Our competence is recognized

We certify

  • At Reno+Medic we apply the best practices in the industry.
  • Our team regularly participates in training and development activities.
  • We have the certifications required to install, maintain and repair the vast majority of home adaptation equipment.
  • We also have access to several parts from recognized manufacturers.
  • Reno+Medic is a recognized general contractor. Our license number is 5626-2587-01.
  • Everything will be done to ensure your safety and your satisfaction

We believe in aging at home!

Our values

All team members share core values that can be translated into:

  • Our professionalism
  • Our unique expertise in home adaptation
  • Our in-depth knowledge of equipment
  • The quality of our projects
  • Our personalized approach and our constant communication with our clients

We are a team of professionals who has the expertise and knowledge to carry out quality work with a personalized approach.

We believe that the best place to grow old is home, an environment that is full of memories. Why leave them behind!

We care about the safety and comfort of people with autonomy loss.

Satisfied customers


  • At first I was very reluctant to use the lift. After taming it, the lift changed my relationship with transfers. I now feel safe, for me and the people who are assisting me. I adopted my lift. Thanks to the whole team.
    Aude F.
  • I was very anxious about all the work that needed to be done in my house. It's hard for me to take care of it all. Thank you for everything! You and your team have been very effective. The job is well done, today I am much more comfortable in my home. I would not have left my house for anything in the world.
    Serge D.
  • Just a quick word to say thank you. Your team is efficient and maintains a clean work environment. My bathroom renovation was completed within the expected timeline. I even miss your group a little. It was fun to watch them work.
    Gertrude W.
  • When the person from the CLSC talked to me about adapting my house, filling out forms, finding a contractor, etc. I was scared. How could anyone at my age, and with limited mobility, could do all that? You have changed my life. And now, because of the ramp you built, I can go outside. My neighbor is even a little envious.
    Léonie N.
  • I cried so much because I could not easily move my little Gaspard. He was confined to his bed all day. He is now too tall and heavy for me to move him around by myself. Now, thanks to the ceiling lift, I can lift him up, put him in its chair and, above all, take him outside. A big thank-you!
    Nicole C.
Partners making the difference

Our partners

L’histoire de Réno+Médic débute en 2005 où j’ai dû accompagner ma grand-mère dont l’état de santé était chancelant à sa nouvelle demeure soit un CHSDL, un centre d’hébergement de soin de longue durée. La personne très accueillante m’a expliqué que l’équipe de soin allait bien prendre soin de ma grand-mère, que le Centre utilisait une approche dite de « milieu de vie ».