Our home adaptation services

Adapt, install, build, modify any room inside your home as well as any space outside your home.

Our home adaptation services consist of transforming certain parts of the home to make them functional, safe and comfortable for a person with a loss of autonomy.

  • We can transform a bathroom to install grab bars, a no threshold shower and provide the space needed for a wheelchair.
  • We design and install access ramps based on construction standards to facilitate home entry and exit.
  • We install handrails in stairs and hallways to provide the elderly person with stability while moving around the house.

Bathroom modification

You have to adapt your bathroom to make it safe! It’s necessary to remove your bathtub to install a shower without a threshold, to install support bars on a solid base, to modify your toilet height, etc. Our team is able to complete these projects and offer you a a safe living environment in your bathroom, based on the needs and tastes of each customer.

Ceiling lift installation

The ceiling lift is a fixed equipment. The motor is suspended from a rail fixed to the ceiling structure or held against it by posts. The path may be straight or partially curved. The hoist motor is inserted into the rail and, like a winch, wraps and unrolls the lifting strap. The hoist is securely attached to the strap by a hanger or cradle. The Reno+Medic team is particularly renowned for its expertise in the installation, maintenance and repair of rail-mounted lever.

Access ramp installation

Staying home as long as possible is the choice of more than 82% of the population with a loss of autonomy. Unfortunately, our homes are not built to facilitate the mobility of people with a loss of autonomy. That's why we offer a simple solution, building an access ramp to get in and out of the house safely.

Handrails installation

To remain mobile in their own home, it it is necessary to make sure people with a loss of autonomy can have a solid and continuous point of support. Stairs both inside and outside must have handrails. Above all, it's your safety that counts. The Réno + Médic team install handrails that adapt to all hands, able to follow the meanders of the walls with curved ends towards the wall to prevent straps from being inserted into them.

Adapt your kitchen

A wheelchair user must have access to his kitchen, be able to prepare food on an accessible counter, have access to a sink, reach his utensils, etc. The entire kitchen organization needs to be reviewed to ensure that it is fully functional and we then carry out the work. We have a qualified team who will modify your kitchen with all the professionalism necessary to provide the wheelchair user with a useful, pleasant and safe living environment.

Nos services d’adaptation de domicile consistent à transformer certaines parties de la maison pour les rendre fonctionnelles, sécuritaire et confortable pour une personne en perte d’autonomie.